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A time for giving

22nd December 2021 | Food

Christmas is a time for giving and at Zorba Foods we're proud of the contribution we have made to supporting the FoodShare food bank. Please donate a few items to your local food bank if you can this year.

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Thailand Day

5th December 2021 | Food

On Thailand Day, we give praise to a cuisine which has more dishes in the world's top 50 foods than any other country. We wonder if The Real Soup Co's Thai chicken soup made the list?

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St Andrew’s Day

30th November 2021 | Food

We couldn't let St Andrew's Day pass without extolling the virtues of Scottish food, whether it's the weird and wonderful and The Real Soup Co's Scotch Broth is definitely the latter!

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School Meals

12th November 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark National School Meals Week we explain why children have never had it so good when it comes to eating at lunchtimes. Our deli fillers and soups make great packed lunches!

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Sandwich Day

4th November 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark World Sandwich Day, we look at the people who have made such an impression that they have named a food named after them. Our deli fillers are perfect for an Earl Sandwich!

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World Vegan Month

1st November 2021 |

In our latest blog to mark the start of World Vegan Month we chart the roots of the diet which has become increasingly popular and discover why it must have been very difficult being a vegan in the 1940s!.

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World Pasta Day

25th October 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark World Pasta Day, we explain why there's no reason to feel 'cannelloni', at least not when you have our Mac and Cheese pots or our minestrone soup. Just like mama used to make!

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World Food Day

15th October 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark World Food Day on 16th October, we back the campaign to reduce food waste and pay tribute to the amazing diversity of food we can now enjoy from around the globe.

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World Egg Day

7th October 2021 | Food

What came first? The chicken or the egg? Well, in our latest blog to mark World Egg Day we will let you know, as well as sharing more interesting facts and general musings on the humble egg.

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Taco Day

5th October 2021 | News Articles

The humble taco is packed with flavour and also lots of history, as we discover in our latest blog to mark Taco Day. Oh, and did we mention they are perfect served with our range of dips?

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Ewa Nicholls

28th September 2021 | People

Not many people would openly admit to liking the Welsh weather, but this is just one of the many reasons why our Factory Technical Manager Ewa Nicholls is a perfect fit for Zorba Foods.

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Guacamole Day

16th September 2021 | Food

It was once mistaken for mushy peas by a politician (Peter Mandelson) but that wouldn't happen at Zorba given it's one of our favourite dips, hence we have devoted a blog to mark Guacamole Day.

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Zero Waste Week

8th September 2021 | News Articles

In our latest blog to mark Zero Waste Week, we look at the small things we are doing to help the environment and in particular a fantastic local charity like FareShare Cymru.

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Sweet dreams are made of cheese

3rd September 2021 | Food

Given our roots, there was no way were going to let National Welsh Rarebit Day pass without marking it, plus it also enabled us to use the words 'sweet dreams are made of cheese'.

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National Burger Day

26th August 2021 | Food

It's not that long ago that getting a burger from McDonalds was considered a treat, and now we are spoilt for choice, including having some lovely vegan burgers with houmous.

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Meet Anjali

19th August 2021 | People

It may still be early days in her career, but Anjali Kembhavi, who already has two Masters degrees to her name at the age of 25, is wholly focused on mastering her role in New Product Development.

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National Potato Day

19th August 2021 | Food

Did you know that Paddington Bear is not the only famous export from Peru? The other is the potato and in our latest blog to mark National Potato Day we pay homage to this versatile vegetable.

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Afternoon Tea Week

12th August 2021 | Food

In our latest blog we mark Afternoon Tea Week by looking at the origins of afternoon tea and how our deli fillers and dips are absolutely tailor-made for this quintessentially British pastime.

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Hot dog

21st July 2021 | Food

In a blog to mark Hot Dog Day we look at the origins of the humble wiener, discover how it got its name (no canines were harmed in the making) and what you should, and should not, put on your dog.

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Come on Barbie

16th July 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark the end of National BBQ Week, which has actually been running for a fortnight, we look at our love of the 'Barbie' and its origins. And no, it's nothing to do with that catchy Aqua song!

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Great British Pea Week

8th July 2021 | News Articles

In our latest blog to mark Great British Pea Week we pay homage to the humble legume and discover that Captain Birdseye is not the person we thought he was.

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Zorba People – Natasha

1st July 2021 | People

Zorba Foods' Twilight Manager Natasha Cole and her husband Chris are literally like ships that pass in the night, but that also gives them the perfect work-life balance.

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National Picnic Week

21st June 2021 | Food

Our dips and deli fillers were tailormade for National Picnic Week but did you know that that humble picnic has its origins in a bloody historical uprising?

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Healthy Eating Week

14th June 2021 | Food

The salad days of summer are upon us, which means it's a perfect time to celebrate the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week, and dips are perfect for the occasion.

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International Houmous Day

11th May 2021 | News Articles

There was no way we were going to let International Houmous Day pass without paying our own homage to the humble chickpea-based dip - it is our bread and butter after all.

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National Vegetarian Week

11th May 2021 | News Articles

It's National Vegetarian Week so this provides us with the perfect opportunity to chew over the age-old question of what is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?

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Day of the Mushroom

16th April 2021 | Food

In our latest blog, we pay homage to the fabulous fungi on The Day of the Mushroom (no it's not the latest B Movie!) and share a recipe for a lovely mushroom risotto.

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International Carrot Day

2nd April 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark International Carrot Day, we look at this wonderfully versatile vegetable and how it makes great hummus or as a dip with other types of hummus.

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Zorba People – Maria

4th March 2021 | People

As a teenager, inspired by her love for New York through the films she watched in her youth, Maria Saunders had dreams of working as an accountant on Wall Street.

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Global standard of food safety

3rd March 2021 | News Articles

Zorba Foods was recently awarded the highest score possible in the global standard of food safety, maintained our AA grade from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

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Meet our Chef, Mathew!

12th February 2021 | People

Whether it’s cooking for the Queen or making dips, sauces and soups for the UK’s largest supermarkets, universities and restaurants, Matthew Williams has ‘constructed’ quite a career for himself.

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12 Dips of Christmas

12th December 2020 | Food

Whilst Christmas may be a little different in 2020, there’s one festive staple which can still be enjoyed, albeit in much smaller company this year! Yes, Christmas is definitely a time for dipping.

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12th January 2021 | News Articles

Do you remember when being vegan was considered ‘niche’? Well, that was before the number of vegans in the UK exploded to the current figure of around 2.2 million.

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COVID-19 Statement

12th February 2021 | News Articles

Zorba Foods remain committed to our trading partners and are continuing to take orders and manufacture products to ensure availability across the United Kingdom.

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