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National Picnic Week

21st Jun 2021 | Food

National Picnic Week

What could be more relaxing on a warm summer day than enjoying the company of friends and family at a picnic?

Savouring something nice to eat and drink whilst taking in the glorious backdrop of the coast or countryside and the gentle sounds of nature.

Amidst such tranquillity, it’s hard to imagine that it was the bloody uprising of the French Revolution that is credited with popularising picnics by opening up the parks of Paris to the people.

The intervening 240 years have seen the popularity of the picnic grow and grow. It has stirred a range of artists from Manet to Marshall; Oscar winner The Picnic and the eerie Picnic at Hanging Rock are just two of the many films inspired by such outings and, even though it’s approaching its centenary, The Teddy Bears Picnic remains a song for all ages.

Whilst keeping things simple is still perfectly fine, the contents of some picnic baskets have become ever more adventurous and delicious over the years.

Whichever form you prefer, National Picnic Week, which runs between June 19-27th, encourages everyone to head for the great outdoors and enjoy the fresh air and their favourite al fresco food and drink.

Their website nationalpicnicweek.co.uk includes useful tips on making the most of this national pastime – including how to avoid various hazards such as wasps and allergies.

When it comes to the food itself, the accompanying dips and side dishes can often make or break the picnic and the beauty of the range available at Zorba is that quality is guaranteed, and they come in handy containers – so you can spend more time picnicking and less time preparing.

Our deli fillers, such as coronation chicken or egg mayonnaise, are great in sandwiches, paninis, baguettes or wraps but they’re equally delicious mixed with potato chunks or stirred into fresh pasta.

Our innovative chefs are always on the lookout for new flavours and to give that extra wow factor look out for seasonal specials and limited editions at short notice.

We have a dedicated dips hall allowing us to deliver a range of different pack options from single pots to multi-pack depending on taste and the size and number of picnickers.

If it’s a picnic where everyone brings something, contributing a couple of delicious dips offers a welcome and easy solution.

And with a worldwide choice ranging from classics such as houmous and tzatziki, Asian inspired dips, Tex Mex, and plenty of vegetarian options, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

With the food sorted all that you have decide on is who to invite and the location for your picnic. There’s plenty to choose from, a sandy beach, riverbank, meadow – just steer clear of Hanging Rock!