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Healthy Eating Week

14th Jun 2021 | Food

Healthy Eating Week

The salad days of summer are upon us, a perfect time to celebrate the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week.

And as you sit in the sunshine, carrot stick poised to plunge into a range of tantalising dips, spare a thought for the 19th century German anthropologist and philosopher Ludwig Feuerbach.

It was his 1850 essay “The Natural Sciences and the Revolution” that first coined the phrase we know today as “you are what you eat”.

At the time, the range of food available to the masses was limited and Ludo’s lament to the powers that be was if they wanted to improve the people, they should give them better food.
It was a step in the journey to better understanding how important nutrition and a balanced diet is to the health of a nation.

These wise words have stood the test of time and today the challenge is in some ways made greater by the vast amount of choice available.

Healthy Eating Week, which runs from June 14-18, aims to help people sort the wheat from the chaff and make healthier choices by knowing the facts about the food they consume.

It also encourages us all to plan healthier meals, whether these are bought in or prepared at home.

At Zorba Foods we wholeheartedly agree. We have a “field to fork” philosophy that ensures ingredient provenance and quality are at the forefront of what we do.

We source ingredients on a global scale, we have a rigorous raw material sampling and compliance programme, and work only with specialist suppliers of meat, fish, dairy and vegetables.

Only after our chefs have assessed each ingredient for suitability, taste, colour and texture, will they be included in our recipes.

So, whether you’re planning a summer spread for the kids, a barbeque in the back garden or an evening meal with friends as the sun goes down, you can be rest assured that any of our dips and deli fillers that make it into the chiller are fit for your fork.