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Guacamole Day

16th Sep 2021 | Food

Guacamole Day

Mexico celebrates its 200th birthday as an independent country this month and the world has lots to thank this fascinating country for.

It all began badly when the land we now know as Mexico found itself at the centre of an event that literally shook the world.

A six-mile wide asteroid smashed into Chicxulub resulting in climate change that wiped out 75% of the earth’s plant and animal species including land-based dinosaurs.

So, it was perhaps fitting that 66 million years later Mexico was the birthplace of the Olmecs – recognised as one of the six cradles of civilisation.

Ever since then Mexico has led the world in earth shattering discoveries- the contraceptive pill, colour television and, of course, the sombrero.

However, it is in food and drink that the country has really excelled. The Olmecs started it all off with popcorn and now UNESCO classes Mexican cuisine as an intangible heritage of humanity.

From fiery salsa, tabasco, peppers and chillies to scrumptious burritos and tacos, Mexico has constantly tickled the global taste buds.

Legend has it the Caesar salad was invented by Caesar Cardini in 1924 at his restaurant in Tijuana where it proved popular in luring Americans, frustrated by prohibition, across the border.

It has to be said Brits have had a bit of difficulty getting their heads round the concept of another famous export, the avocado, and the resultant guacamole dip.

Originally introduced in supermarkets in the sixties as the avocado pear, Marks and Spencer had to get leaflets printed explaining it was a salad vegetable after one customer told of her disappointment when she stewed her avocado pear and served it with custard.

And there’s the infamous story of Peter Mandelson visiting a fish and chip shop in Hartlepool during an election campaign and one of his team pointing at the mushy peas and reputedly asking “for some of that delicious looking guacamole.”

Meanwhile avocado arm has become a recognised medical term for the 4,000 injuries a year caused worldwide by a knife slipping during a botched attempt to de-stone the fruit.

Fortunately help is at hand. Guacamole day coincides with Mexico’s Independence Day on September 16 and you can celebrate safely with our ready prepared guacamole dip – part of our range of Tex-Mex treats.

You won’t need to do any de-stoning and you can be guaranteed of quality as our worldwide audit programme of suppliers means we can track our ingredients from field to factory – whether that’s the avocado in our guacamole or the tomato in our salsa.

So, grab yourself a bowl of tortillas, take a dip and enjoy!