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Global sourcing, fresh ingredients, inspired recipes, state of the art production facilities and buckets full of experience all combine to create the perfect recipe for dip and deli filler perfection. We strive to stay ahead of market trends so that we stay ahead of the game. Always inspiring. Always delicious.

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We work with some of the UK’s leading grocery retailers to produce a wide range of exclusive ‘own label’ dips and deli fillers.
Many of our private label dips and soups have achieved success and recognition in numerous high profile, industry food awards including The Grocer Own Label Food & Drink Awards, the Wholesale Q Quality Awards, Food Awards Wales and the Café Life Awards.

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All of the latest news and blogs from Zorba Foods

Hot dog

21st July 2021 | Food

In a blog to mark Hot Dog Day we look at the origins of the humble wiener, discover how it got its name (no canines were harmed in the making) and what you should, and should not, put on your dog.

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Come on Barbie

16th July 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark the end of National BBQ Week, which has actually been running for a fortnight, we look at our love of the 'Barbie' and its origins. And no, it's nothing to do with that catchy Aqua song!

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Great British Pea Week

8th July 2021 | News Articles

In our latest blog to mark Great British Pea Week we pay homage to the humble legume and discover that Captain Birdseye is not the person we thought he was.

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