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Thailand Day

5th December 2021 | Food

On Thailand Day, we give praise to a cuisine which has more dishes in the world's top 50 foods than any other country. We wonder if The Real Soup Co's Thai chicken soup made the list?

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Taco Day

5th October 2021 | News Articles

The humble taco is packed with flavour and also lots of history, as we discover in our latest blog to mark Taco Day. Oh, and did we mention they are perfect served with our range of dips?

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Zero Waste Week

8th September 2021 | News Articles

In our latest blog to mark Zero Waste Week, we look at the small things we are doing to help the environment and in particular a fantastic local charity like FareShare Cymru.

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Come on Barbie

16th July 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark the end of National BBQ Week, which has actually been running for a fortnight, we look at our love of the 'Barbie' and its origins. And no, it's nothing to do with that catchy Aqua song!

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Great British Pea Week

8th July 2021 | News Articles

In our latest blog to mark Great British Pea Week we pay homage to the humble legume and discover that Captain Birdseye is not the person we thought he was.

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National Picnic Week

21st June 2021 | Food

Our dips and deli fillers were tailormade for National Picnic Week but did you know that that humble picnic has its origins in a bloody historical uprising?

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Healthy Eating Week

14th June 2021 | Food

The salad days of summer are upon us, which means it's a perfect time to celebrate the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week, and dips are perfect for the occasion.

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International Houmous Day

11th May 2021 | News Articles

There was no way we were going to let International Houmous Day pass without paying our own homage to the humble chickpea-based dip - it is our bread and butter after all.

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National Vegetarian Week

11th May 2021 | News Articles

It's National Vegetarian Week so this provides us with the perfect opportunity to chew over the age-old question of what is the difference between a fruit and a vegetable?

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Global standard of food safety

3rd March 2021 | News Articles

Zorba Foods was recently awarded the highest score possible in the global standard of food safety, maintained our AA grade from the British Retail Consortium (BRC).

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12 Dips of Christmas

12th December 2020 | Food

Whilst Christmas may be a little different in 2020, there’s one festive staple which can still be enjoyed, albeit in much smaller company this year! Yes, Christmas is definitely a time for dipping.

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12th January 2021 | News Articles

Do you remember when being vegan was considered ‘niche’? Well, that was before the number of vegans in the UK exploded to the current figure of around 2.2 million.

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COVID-19 Statement

12th February 2021 | News Articles

Zorba Foods remain committed to our trading partners and are continuing to take orders and manufacture products to ensure availability across the United Kingdom.

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