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World Food Day

15th Oct 2021 | Food

World Food Day

Whilst there’s nothing wrong with British food, one of the great joys of life is the chance to sample, at home or abroad, cuisine from across the globe.

We will defend to the hilt the magnificence of fish and chips or a full English breakfast and at the same time salivate over a delicious chicken curry or tomato pasta – though perhaps not at the same sitting!

The United Nations World Food Day is marked in over 150 countries and encourages us all to play our part in achieving a global sustainable agri-food system.

Its blueprint for such a system sees a wide variety of nutritious and safe foods available at an affordable price to everyone, with the aim that no-one suffers hunger or malnutrition.

The shelves are stocked at the local market or food store, but less food is wasted, and the food supply chain is more resilient to shocks such as extreme weather, price spikes or pandemics, all while limiting environmental damage through climate change.

The key to success is buy-in at all levels, from the farmer producing the base ingredients, transportation and production, retailer and then finally the consumer.

For example, at present 14% of world food is lost due to inadequate harvesting handling storage and transit and a further 17% at consumer level.

At Zorba we understand consumers like to try food inspired from other cultures.

Our Real Soup Company grab and go pot range includes Chicken Biriyani and Indonesian Chickpea and Coconut Soup whilst our dips and fillers take inspiration from the Mediterranean, Far East and the Americas.

We support the UN in its drive to make food production sustainable and safe.

Our robust supplier assurance programme tracks our ingredients from field to factory whilst membership of the Soil Association ensures the very highest product quality and consistency – and continuity of supply.

We employ more than 300 people local to our base in South Wales and are members of the Institute of Grocery Distribution, participating in its ‘Feeding Britain’s Future’ programme with local schools. We are committed to recycling materials wherever possible and work with The Carbon Trust and external bodies to regularly monitor and improve our energy usage and comply with the European ESOS energy audit scheme.

Through the Fareshare charity we have donated over 6,000 meals to community food groups.Whether it’s a farmer improving yield, a factory reducing waste or a consumer making a meal from leftovers, creating a sustainable food chain is a global challenge that will be achieved through millions of local efforts.