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Hot dog

21st July 2021 | Food

In a blog to mark Hot Dog Day we look at the origins of the humble wiener, discover how it got its name (no canines were harmed in the making) and what you should, and should not, put on your dog.

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Come on Barbie

16th July 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark the end of National BBQ Week, which has actually been running for a fortnight, we look at our love of the 'Barbie' and its origins. And no, it's nothing to do with that catchy Aqua song!

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National Picnic Week

21st June 2021 | Food

Our dips and deli fillers were tailormade for National Picnic Week but did you know that that humble picnic has its origins in a bloody historical uprising?

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Healthy Eating Week

14th June 2021 | Food

The salad days of summer are upon us, which means it's a perfect time to celebrate the British Nutrition Foundation’s Healthy Eating Week, and dips are perfect for the occasion.

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Day of the Mushroom

16th April 2021 | Food

In our latest blog, we pay homage to the fabulous fungi on The Day of the Mushroom (no it's not the latest B Movie!) and share a recipe for a lovely mushroom risotto.

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International Carrot Day

2nd April 2021 | Food

In our latest blog to mark International Carrot Day, we look at this wonderfully versatile vegetable and how it makes great hummus or as a dip with other types of hummus.

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12 Dips of Christmas

12th December 2020 | Food

Whilst Christmas may be a little different in 2020, there’s one festive staple which can still be enjoyed, albeit in much smaller company this year! Yes, Christmas is definitely a time for dipping.

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