Gender Pay Gap Report

Zorba Delicacies Ltd UK Gender Pay Gap Report 2017

Zorba Delicacies is a multi million pound manufacturer of dips, deli fillers and soups, based in Ebbw Vale, South Wales with over 450 employees, making us one of the largest employers in our local area. We have a long history of diversity in our workforce and recognise that our employees are key to our success. We will continue to develop our staff at all levels in our business.

We welcome the introduction of gender pay gap reporting and are committed to being a part of the current change amongst businesses in the UK working towards closing the gap.

Across our business our mean gender pay gap is 12%. We are pleased to report out pay gap is lower than the current national mean pay gap of 18.1%. Our pay gap is also lower than 14.5%, the pay gap across food manufacturers specifically.

One of the factors which has influenced our data is there being fewer female colleagues than male colleagues and the quartile results reflect the ratio. The Lower middle and Lower quartiles reflect that our female colleagues are well represented in relation to the ratio..

The gap is most noticeable in the Upper Middle and Upper quartiles, however, we have recently increased the number of female direct reports to the Managing Director by 12.5% so are hoping to see an improvement in our 2018 report.

Our ability to drive change at these levels will be determined by roles becoming available, however, as our colleagues like working for us , we are aware this may take some time to address.

Our mean bonus gap is 79%. This is driven by having more men than women on our leadership team, and these roles attract a higher level of bonus.. We will be reviewing our bonus structure across the whole business during 2018

We will continue to pay above the National Living Wage to all employees, regardless of gender and age.

We recently introduced shift patterns and we will continue to monitor and enhance our standard working arrangements.

Closing the gender pay gap

We have identified the following areas to focus on over the next 12 months to begin addressing our gender pay gap:

1. Expand our monitoring of diversity metrics at quartile levels with visible reporting to Senior Management Team
2. Focus on gender diversity in our recruitment process and appoint people based on merit
3. Develop mentoring and training opportunities, externally and internally for female colleagues, particularly in STEM fields
4. Continue to review our flexible working across all levels to enable women to remain in the workplace

I confirm our data is accurate

Bec Walker
HR Manager